Gordon Selley is the technical manager for TechnoSphere, and the designer of the renderer, the fabulous TWIGS system which was developed with a research grant from Rediffusion Simulation. Gordon integrates the different components of the system. He is a software engineer with a wealth of experience in the digital representation of natural phenomena, the development of driving simulators and virtual reality equipment and the production of digital paint and animation software for use in film and TV industries. He is currently researching into networked environments and information spaces as Senior Research Fellow at London College of Printing. Check out the “Telematics Design Group” site for more info on the projects he runs.

Rycharde Hawkes has developed the “Getalife” artificial life engine for TechnoSphere version II. Rycharde has spent the last 7 years on the research and development of Virtual Environment systems. In ’92 he became a Research Associate in the Psychology Department’s at the University of Edinburgh, working in the Virtual Environment Laboratory. His time there resulted in the construction of a Virtual Environment System and a simple driving simulator to support the laboratory’s research into visual perception. In ’96 Rycharde completed his part-time Ph.D. thesis entitled “A Software Architecture for Modelling and Distributing Virtual Environments” . He is now employed as a Member of Technical Staff at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol, UK. His research interests include computer graphics, distributed systems, real-time systems, human-computer interaction, Virtual Environment design, modelling and implementation.

Jane Prophet is a British artist working with video and digital media. After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in 1987, where she studied Fine Art, she went on to complete an MA in Electronic Graphics at Coventry University. Jane is a lecturer in Fine Art at the Slade School of Art. Her interest in digital systems and artists’ use of computer imaging became the focus of a PhD at Warwick University. These concerns are evident in recent projects, in particular Swarm, TechnoSphere and The Internal Organs of the Cyborg, which are accessed via the World Wide Web and focus on this medium’s potential for enabling audience interaction. The works are concerned with ways in which new media technologies are changing relationships between audience, artefact and gallery. Representations of the body and its virtual presence are central to a number of these projects, and build on Jane’s early background in installation and performance work.

Andrew Kind is the designer and modeller for the components for building creatures in TechnoSphere. He is a genius computer character modeller and animator in London.

Julian Saunderson is the artificial life engine designer and programmer for Version 1 of TechnoSphere. Julian is an artificial-life developer and lecturer at the Centre for Electronic Arts at Middlesex University, London.